Franciscan Kitchen

The Franciscan Kitchen was founded by Father Jim Fields, a Franciscan Conventual, whose life was changed when he saw the homeless eating out of garbage cans while serving during World War II. On January 5, 1980, Fr. Fields opened the Kitchen to the homeless, serving just 7 meals. Today more than 100 volunteers serve an average of 400 people per day. At the Franciscan Kitchen, all visitors are treated with the love and respect they deserve but often do not receive. While the Kitchen originally only operated during the week, it is now also open on the last Saturday of every month. As government aid is distributed at the beginning of the month, this last weekend can be a very critical time to serve those who may not have any way to nourish themselves. Young adults are encouraged to join the Friars on Saturdays to connect with and serve people from all walks of life. This is a very fulfilling way to truly live the Gospel.

If you would like to support this ministry but are unable to join during service hours, please consider donating to the Franciscan Kitchen. This kitchen operates entirely on the charity of others and receives no governmental aid. Without your generous donations, many of our homeless brothers and sisters would go hungry. To contribute to this charity, please make checks payable to the Franciscan Kitchen.
Last Saturday of every month
Franciscan Kitchen, 748 South Preston Street, (502) 589-0140